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We take pride in being recognized as a trusted contractor in our area by Directorii.

As a Directorii contractor, we have been thoroughly vetted to meet Directorii’s high standards. Directorii is committed to guarantee your project with us with a $250,000 guarantee so you can enjoy risk-free protection for your home improvement project.

The $250,000 Directorii Guarantee protects you from:

• City building code violations
• Manufacturer noncompliance
• Material & Product Defects
• Improper installation
• Stolen deposits
• Abandoning the project
• Going out of business

Choose protection with the $250,000 Directorii Guarantee for instant peace of mind.

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What customer receives: A detailed report of the condition of a roof. Includes official photo report and estimated life span of roof. Many FHA buyers will need this information to ensure the loan passes appraisal. Don’t find out too late in the real estate transaction the roof has met it’s end of life. Additionally, Tiger Roofing offers repeat customer discount for future roof repairs and full roof replacements. We are a preferred roofing company well versed in the real estate process and due diligence procedures. Agents love us for our outstanding communication and fast turn around times!
Fine print: Pricing is for a single story residential home. Reach out for pricing on multiple story homes.

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